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COMP 491/492

Dickinson College Computer Science Senior Seminar

Ethical Frameworks


Thus far we have seen some of ethical challenges faced by developers, how a broader education and how better diversity equity and inclusion can benefit computing and technology. We have played the Privacy by Design game and had to make decisions about collecting and sharing data that have social, legal and ethical issues attached. We now turn to look at ethical frameworks, which will provide different ways of looking at these issues and can help us make more reasoned decisions.


The following videos cover five important ethical frameworks:

Note: The selection of frameworks and videos were adopted from:

Supplemental Readings

Discussion Questions

Post to Moodle a response to both of the following questions. You are encouraged to also read and respond to your classmates postings, and to make additional posts adding your own thoughts or raising your own questions for discussion. Your posts will help shape the discussion that we have during the class period.

  1. This question has 4 parts:
    • Which of the ethical frameworks do you think would be easiest to apply?
    • Which do you think would be most difficult to apply?
    • Which one most closely matches the way you think about moral decisions?
    • What specific questions do you have about the ethical frameworks that you would like to clarify during class?
  2. Make up and describe a moral question or dilemma (i.e. a case study) that you can imagine arising in your future career. Give enough detail that the question could be put to the class for discussion and consideration using the ethical frameworks.