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COMP 491/492

Dickinson College Computer Science Senior Seminar




Supplemental Readings

Discussion Questions

Post to Moodle a response to the Required question and at least one of the other questions. You are encouraged to also read and respond to your classmates postings, and to make additional posts adding your own thoughts or raising your own questions for discussion. Your posts will help shape the discussion that we have during the class period.

Required: Research about a surveillance tech story/problem that you find interesting. The answer can be a link for further reading and a summary of 1-2 sentences - the purpose of this question is for you to know more about real-world problems so we can better contribute to the class discussions.

Choose 1 of 3 questions below and post a response to it:

  1. When surveillance tech “goes wrong”/malfunction, who should be responsible for that? For example, if face recognition technology identifies the wrong person, who is responsible for that? Is it ethical to use technology that has bug in it?

  2. Do we need surveillance at all? In which case is it acceptable to have surveillance and which case is it not acceptable? Can we have a world with no surveillance at all - if yes, what would that world be like?

  3. Should the government be allowed to outsource surveillance to outside sources? How much of a threat do you think this pose to privacy or national security?