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COMP 491/492

Dickinson College Computer Science Senior Seminar

Project Selection Presentations


Now that you have selected your projects, it is time to tell the class about them. There will be one presentation for each H/FOSS Project and one presentation for each Honors Project. Each presentation will have at most 20 minutes. Please target 13-15 minutes for the presentation, which will leave 5-8 minutes for follow-up questions from the class. The content to be included in each type of presentation is outlined below.


H/FOSS Projects:

Your presentation should clearly communicate the following:

The grading criterion for the H/FOSS Project Presentations is included in the Project Selection rubric on the Course Syllabus.

Honors Projects:

Honors project presentations should present the content contained in the Formal Research Proposal. This should include:

Honors students must also submit a printed copy of their revised Formal Research Proposal. The revised proposal should integrate feedback received from the Department or from your research advisor in response to your original Formal Research Proposal.

The grading criterion for the Formal Research Proposal and the Honors Project Presentation is included in the Research Proposal rubric on the Course Syllabus.