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COMP 491/492

Dickinson College Computer Science Senior Seminar

Writing in the Discipline (WiD)


Dickinson College’s educational mission is “to prepare young people, by means of a useful education in the liberal arts and sciences, for engaged lives of citizenship and leadership in the service of society.” Or more colloquially to provide a “Useful education for the common good.”

Broadly, a Dickinson education seeks to develop the following abilities in its students in service of this mission:

In addition, you each have individual goals and passions that have led you to choose a major in computer science. This assignment asks you to reflect on your experiences in the computer science major, the senior seminar and in your open source projects. To think about how they have (or possibly could better have) contributed both to achieving Dickinson’s mission and your own personal goals.

Reflective Blog Post

Respond to the following prompt in a post to your blog:

You do not need to be exhaustive in your response. Instead, take a little time to reflect carefully on your experiences in the major, in the senior seminar and on your engagement with your project community. Then respond in depth focusing on the aspects that resonate most strongly with you and discuss how they have connected both to Dickinson’s mission and to your personal goals.

Writing in the Discipline

The Writing in the Discipline (WiD) graduation requirement can be satisfied in the computer science major through completion of a writing portfolio. This portfolio is the collective result of all of the writing assignments that you have completed in your courses. In each course that contributes to the WiD portfolio you have been instructed to upload your writing to your WiD Portfolio on GitHub.

COMP 492 WiD

For COMP 492 you will need to:

The WiD Graduation Requirement

At the conclusion of COMP 492 the instructor will review your WiD Portfolio on GitHub and determine if it meets the threshold for satisfying the WiD Graduation Requirement. If so, then the registrar will be asked to designate the WiD credit in association with COMP 492.